BlenderNewbies Tutorial DVDs - real, or a scam?


Just wondered if anyone had come across the BlenderNewbies DVDs, and if anyone has in fact received a copy once ordered.

I ordered mine about two years ago, kept in touch with Kernon as he eventually finished the tutorials and shipped DVDs to other pre-order customers (or so he says).

Recently though, I’ve not had any reply from him, and in the end asked for a refund. Nothing.

I just wondered if anyone else has been in the same situation, if anyone has heard from him recently, or it’s just a scam?

Many thanks.

I think it was a nice scam, Samuel India (same happened to me)

Me too… still waiting.


To me has been the same. Perform pre-order a year ago and have not received it. At first contacted him, but now shows no signs of life.
Last week I send an email for me to return the whole matter, but has not replied. I said I was going to take legal action against him. If we are willing to make a joint complaint.

I’m from Spain, sorry for my English hehe

I ordered these May 11, 2011 I think. Kernon Dillon did send emails out to those who paid with links to some of the videos/tutorials prior to the completion of the DVDs, but, I never received the promised DVDs from the pre-order.

I had emailed back and forth to him for a while but, he stopped responding around Christmas of last year. I had checked his credentials prior to ordering and it seemed legit.

As of right now, his main site is up but has not been updated since July 13th 2011. The forums have a SQL/scripting error and are apparently down.

I’m going to check and see if I can get the funds back from paypal.

Yep definitely a scam. I’‘m still waiting and it’'s 2013!


Yep you people need to call pay pal. You would think he was dead but he is still taking orders. I wont use pay pal. Its a middle man that just complicates things. Maybe it will be easier to talk to your bank?