Small update.

  • Now functionality of webpage should work.
  • Next task is to start to add some presets.

I don’t see any actual content there yet? It might be a bit too soon to start communicating about this…

There is only 3 presets at the moment. And they are there just for developping purpose. Still long way to go :slight_smile:

Oh my god, great idea man!

PS: You need a way to show how the result look like.
PS 2: We need a better zoom in, it’s barely readable on my side.

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Option for Screenshot is not enough?

Zoom is coming :slight_smile:

I can’t read the nodes, they are too small.

maybe you can have a look at the nodes from Nodevember and ask the creators if they let you to add their nodes on your site.

In general this is a lovely idea, reminds me of

Don’t forget particle nodes are in progress!

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I don’t know what you have in mind but here’s some feedback:

  • UI/ UX is confusing and not going to scale very well with time and more nodes being added. I think the main window should be split, with the graph tree visible on one side and the final result on the other side (and not have to click on “screenshot” every time).
  • I think the materials should be in a drop down menu. Take this as an example ( where visual prevail, and it remains artist-friendly.
  • Make sure anyone can share their nodes easily (automatize the process of sharing node trees). If everything should be sent to you, you become the bottleneck and expect very few users to go through this process at all.

It’s not too late to fix these issues, and I’ve been looking a resource like that for a long time, it’s great someone is finally doing this!
Hope this helps.

EDIT: Another good example


Great advises. I will surely take notes.

  • I agree that it will be annoing everytime to press screenshot button. I will change that the screenshot will be there right a way.

-I will change main materials selector (Materials-World-Composite) to drop down. I think that is visually a much better. Also I have an idea how make list easy to control without it becomes slow to use.

  • I try to make sharing nodes very easy, but I think that in the first stage it has some bottlenecks. I’m planning to add a option to send blend or json file to me and I will add it into list. I hope that as long I make sending process very easy it dosen’t turn off users. But this is area that I will keep working after initial release.

Thanks again. It’s so important to hear feedback in early stage as I am with this webpage.

Good to hear!

If you allow me to add more examples:

There’s nothing particular in the UI/UX here, but it’s efficient and more importantly: it’s visual. The user can see pictures on the same page rather than just names (that will eventually be redundant if different users upload their own takes of the same material), and select the ones of interest.

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Todays update:

  • Main menu is drop down list.
  • Preset list works better.
  • Now you can doubleClick node tree area and it will zoom in/out.
  • You can click preview picture and it changes size.
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Cool, the nodes are still too small on my browser at the moment. How can I change the size?

dblClick nodetree area. That will zoom in. Is that zoom enough or should it be even more?

it’s awesome, thank you! Maybe you need a description for that :slight_smile:

First tests with Group node :slight_smile:


This looks like a great project!

I will make a couple of suggestions:

To allow the user to zoom in and out of the node tree, you can use a library such as It should be very easy to include that library and allow user to zoom in and out with the mouse (or with pinch to zoom on a mobile).

Also, regarding the CSS, I see you are using bootstrap, but for this site, you really don’t need it. You only need a very small amount of CSS to acheive this sort of layout. Also you seem to be overrideing bootstrap styles in order to achieve the font sizes etc. You will probably find it easier to simply remove bootstrap and simply use flexbox with some basic styles for the text.

Good luck!

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btw If you would like any with the javascipt or CSS styling, I wouldn’t mind helping.

Thanks a lot. Panzoom is really the right way to go. I got basic pan/zoom to work, but zoom dosen’t work as it should. I red somewhere that default setting it should zoom into mouse, but right now it dosen’t. It a little bit hard to target into spot right now.

Got it work :slight_smile:

Now pan/zoom works with mouse.

@rschuitema If you have ideas how to improve this webpage you can PM and I send source code for you.

I sent a pm. Great work!

Here is a consept picture about next update I’m working on. Tried to listen all feedback and next version should fix some issues that has been reported.