<< will auto delete soon, this is goodbye

Lightbwk said on
@thejikz and I decided that we had enough of NPR stagnation over the years. We are closing down @BlenderNPR websites. Goodbye. #b3d #bnpr :zipper_mouth_face:

Any chances for still getting access to the tutorials there?

Thanks for holding the torch all this time Light and friends. There’s movement on the NPR front in 2.8 btw. Someone want to link the thread and or Light?

@myclay Start saving offline copies.

Edit: Might need the wayback machine, or search engine caches to do so.
Else you could request a copy of the site?

2.8 npr links are

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Aaand it’s back: :troll:ed for press?

Haven’t seen a thread for this yet
Hope to cop a build from the final commit, or have it landing in master… :crossed_fingers:.

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Lightbwk is a very pouty person I think someone else should be managing these npr groups lol

If you can’t make art with the tools you have then maybe the art life isn’t for you

He does alright from what I’ve seen, or was that for me?

If anyone wants to try out a LANPR renderer build from GSoC see:!AkHWjiagaDuPqC0BhcdfILmZi9nZ

You can make photorealistic artwork with MS Paint, it doesn’t mean the process will be easy, fast or even enjoyable.

Lightbwk has a point, the NPR community has received little attention over the past years (but that is changing with the GSoC project and the new Eevee node). The issue with Freestyle is that it is a slow, single-threaded engine and has been needing improvement in the reliable drawing of lines.

I think that 2.8 is going to be great for NPR. Not only will we have the new Eevee node, but there was a cycles shader called ToonKit released recently that looks like it is quite good for toon rendering, the GSoC looks like it’s going well and hopefully will be integrated, but surely one of the biggest new NPR features is Grease Pencil, since artists can mix grease pencil over their 3d scenes, and there are addons that translate 3d models to grease pencil strokes, and then users can apply new grease pencil modifiers for futher effects.

It really seems that right now was the wrong time to stop caring about NPR in Blender, and perhaps that’s why the community page was created (last time I checked, LightBWK doesn’t seem to have commented on all this new stuff though).