BlenderOctane jewelry render

This image is the result made during the recording of a tutorial that I prepared and made using Octane Blender 3.1.2

The new Octane render Blender professional jewelry rendering tutorial is out here

This second image was the render I made with Blender Octane 3.1.2 while preparing the tutorial (some tutorials I train and prepare first. The resulting renders most of the time vary, because then when I record the tutorial, I don’t necessarily do exactly the same steps or remember exactly the settings used :rofl: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

I am making a serie using several different render engines. I have done that already in the past years, but this time I am doing it in a probably more organized way, or at least in sequence :smile:

I am also preparing the LUXCORE tutorial (will be out in a few days), this is the preparation render

The ring design has a pencil hand drawing video (The ring is design name came to be “Hearts Volutes”), it is a design I created on paper directly, that day I was isnpired and I was able to record the drawing process I bit better than usual

There is also the 3D jewelry modeling video in 3Design CAD V10 that was made after the drawing, so people can see the steps of designing a ring in the professional sense of the process

Viewport screenshot

Previous render tutorials and renders made with Cycles X


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