Okay, before you al start to laugh this has nothing to do with hemeroids (thank my dad for that remark), it’s a plane for an asteroids clone using the blender engine. At this time I’m developing the environment, things like controls and the asteroids.

I would like to ask your opinion on the “Flight Controls” they’re a little different from the normal asteroids controls.

Just check this page for more info and the download:


It’s tough controlling the ship at first, challenging, but, after a while it is fun! :smiley: Pressing all the keys trying to stabilize the course of the ship…
And then I already wanted to use spacebar to shoot at enemy ships.

You really don’t want to make it easy on us, right?
Like it, like it…
What’s next, lasers that overheat? (Or however you say it, you know what i mean)

Yeah, I like the slightly complex controls. It would probably be too tough to do it for a 3d game, but it works in 2d. Anything innovative I like:)

Yes, it’s a great way of controlling a flying object, but it’s not the easiest way though :wink: