BlenderOS is being revived. I'd love your input :-)

Hi guys and gals and aliens… (aliens? gasp! roswell wasn’t a joke!)!!!

I’m currently planning to bring back the blenderOS idea. I lost track of the old thread :(, so I’ve started a new one.

Basically, it’ll be a linux distro (to start). It’ll use the power of debian/ubuntu, and WINE (for some things). I’ll try to include cutting edge tools, a lightweight interface (sorry, no fusion, I love it, but it doesn’t play well with blender, and for now, I don’t want to further confuse new users). :spin::spin::spin::spin:

You can post your ideas here of course!
If you are interested in actually helping me out (adding documentation, blender builds, models, and generally updating the blenderos social network and website (latter pending), you can PM me.

I’m also going to improve on my other networks (Blendimation, and the new Blenditution). but more on that some other day :slight_smile:

By the way, does anyone remember me? It’s always good to return and say hi, and I haven’t done that for a while have I? lol.:cool:

as usual: :spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin:

i use grml. some guys at the local technical university maintain this linux disti. its a live linux and has the advantage of being leightweight console based.
The clue is you can boot it live, create a package list and make a bootable, hadrwareautodetecting CD/DVD/HDD or USB stick.
So basically, write a list of the packages you need, blender, gimp, inkscape, nvidia-glx, fluxbox, kde, gnome whatever.
run a fancy console command and you got your own personalized linux, working on all computers with no exotic hardware.

grml is available 32 and 64 bit and saves you a lot of work.
I am planning on making such an iso now for half a year i think but i lack time. If i get a list of the linux tools you need, it might be easier than selecting them myself. So we could make a themed live linux :wink:

There will be animux too . Not lightweight per se, but with loads of tools for the animator preinstalled and configured.


this is great stuff to hear, i was planning to give Linux another run soon

I like the Dyne:Bolic distro, they have some neat/unique things going for them check them out. Reasonably light weight, without getting rid of very nice GUI, also has a sweet boot up song, and default wallpaper; you know the important stuff…

Thanks for the mighty interest guys!
I choose debian/ubuntu because from experience they are easy to use, but I can go with any distro base that works! lol.

I’m wondering if to try to wait on Intrepid Ibex (should have the latest Mesa installed, which from what I read means support for newer cards out the box! :))

I’ve got a network for the OS at, I’m going to be adding a “wiki” to it soon, as well as a bunch of fancy info pages when I can.

Tell me though, which WM + Desktop Enviroment should we use?

XFCE (blazin fast!, compositor works with Blender! woohoo)
Metacity+GNOME (blazing slow lol, compositor also works with blender, can be replaced by XFWM4 by using fusion-icon)
Elightenment (awwwwww) + ? (GNOME?)

And what essential apps + blender builds/versions should we include?

on a side note, the flash on the animux website was made with wink?! wow! I need to take a second look… lol.

now back on topic

Animux looks really really interesting. I can’t wait for the release, I’m definitely going to check it out.

Intresting have thout of it too :slight_smile:

By the way (i dont now if you now a bout it or not) will I send a link that I use to costemize my linuxdistro. Perheps a Aid for you?

And do not get blind by the name. Leiter is’nt Blender so soon updated here tho but hopefully a Blender programmer will change it some day.

For the Ease of use and to create an own distro in 10 min lock at:

Suse and other distros are also pruducing an Studio Version. For all men and wommen that like to have sound and vido fun but leiter can’t I remember ther repectiv names for now thow. :frowning:

I’m using SuSe curse its esy to install, extend and to use.

cool idea!
my wishlist:
the newest blender and a shortcut which automaticaly downloads, configures, compiles, etc… the latest blender svn.
yafray and any other external renderers (ready to use)
of course: python
gimp, inkscape.
sound and video editors. irc chat client, open office, scribus.
scanner and webcam support. oh, and vlc media player.
and i could go on and on…

I especially like the shortcut idea. I’ve never compiled blender (well, I tried on when I was on windows, but my system was too slow for me to have patience lol):evilgrin:

Join me on (I’m going to turn on chat so we can talk live).

I love the SUSE studio idea. A little better than remastersys :yes:

sounds interesting!

would love to have a linux distro to just use blender, without the garbage you don’t usually use if you’re just using blender.

something like debian with basic stuff + enlightenment?

Hey Venomgfx!
long time no see!

I agree a purely blender system would be sweet :slight_smile:
I’m wondering if I should have different “flavours” to it.

some packed with all sorts of related applications…
some with just blender and the essentials of a UI.

Still a problem is the nVidia HW accelerated GLX driver.
Its proprietary and therefore not allowed to be included in a distro.
And i dont like to use Ubuntu because it has already too many changed packages which are highly incompatible with the dependencies of debian and its fancypants :smiley:
But i like the ubuntu idea bringing linux to everybody the easy way :smiley: i would not suggest a newbie to linux to install debian… or gentoo ^^

I like debian’s package manager, but ports (FreeBSD) and yum (Gentoo?) are good too. As for a window manager, I would go with XCFE, as you said, its compositor works with Blender, and it runs on computers with lesser hardware (faster and more room for Blender). :smiley:

I like ubuntu mostly, even with the incompatible packages (a few months ago, I’d take that back lol)

yes, the nvidia drivers and the fglrx driver may have to be installed after, but if I wait on intrepid, Radeon HD may do the trick :D.

my idea of a ‘blender os’ would be one were the GUI functions like Blenders, tileing WM, apps launched from a menu in the corner of the header, etc. you can easely make a os which only has blender and its dependancys, just use a distro like arch/gentoo

I think you dont have to maintain a separate distro. There are so many already and I think everyone can choose a distro to his needs. Its better to choose a widely known distro for it is better tested, supported and maintained.
I’m using sabayon but i think for new users its better to start with
And you can get blender in every distro, why bother?

actually i am on the process of making something like this, unforutunately it was gonna be ubuntu too. :frowning: but im pretty sure mine would be different cuz im making mine just a standalone (besides the .dll files) exe file. kinda like a virtual machine. well, let the best man or woman create the best BlenderOS.

P.S. it was gonna be called Blubuntu (Blender-Ubuntu) but i’ll make it a different OS considerig u got to it first.

2ND P.S. also, u wanna like form a team that like makes Operating systems using blender? we could make a buncha ones like gentoo linux made by blender, Mac made by blender, and maybe even Windows made with blender. PM me if ur interested. :slight_smile:
i’d love to get into that! :slight_smile: