BlenderParticles : Virtual Parents

I am unable to understand the virtual parents slider in Blender Hair Particles under the Interpolated Tab.
As far as i understand it is supposed to create virtual guides which can be used as the clump sources.
I mean lets say I have only 10 guides which I have used to groom the hair, Now if I clump the hair, I will get clumps at those 10 guides only.
Virtual parents should have created virtual guides so that my clumping points are increased, but it is doing something weird only.
I hope you guys understand what I want to say.
Please help me out with this.

@admin Please delete my previous post that I accidently posted in Coding Sub Forum.

Particles were an orphaned module when Cosmos Laundromat movie was in production. No developer was able to understand its code done during unstable 2.5 period that don’t respect several rules that came up after for the rest of Blender.
So when they added features requested for Cosmos Laundromat Movie (clump and roughness curves, new spiral kink, new hair dynamics); they broke other parts of children behaviour.
Since 2.74, they solved most annoying crashes and bugs related to that accident but not everything.
So, now, Virtual Parents correspond to parents at a location different than guides location. But their amount cannot be superior to guides amount.

So, you have to increase hair guides amount by editing current particles system or by duplicating it.

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