Blenderpedia contest : Will it blend ?

When I look around I see a lot of cool stuff on the internet from blender users, sometimes people made great stuff, but they just need some extra skills to make it looks fantastic.
So this topic is about giving some feedback on blender work from users. If you sent me your 3D work I will do some critics and give some feedback on it, of course in the positive way.
Don’t be afraid for critics, it’s the best way to improve yourself and the 3d scene.

Here some rules for the contest:

  • It needs to be something, so sending a render from a cube won’t be analyzed
  • Scene information, internal or cycles and if you have more, let me know
  • It needs to be your own work of course
  • I will make a video, so your work will be showed to the public

Because this is the first time, we will see what happened, you can sent your work till Friday 22th, and the best work gets a copy from the open movie Tears of Steel

So if you want a DVD of ’ Tears of steel’ or just some critics, than show me your work and mail to: [email protected]

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