Blenderpedia !

I tought it would be cool to set up a wiki for blender resources and tutorials :slight_smile:
Here it is :

It was created a few hours ago, so there isn’t a lot of things, but i will soonly add the tutorials that i’v already written, and it would be cool if all of you could post your tutorials :slight_smile:

It’s a wiki, so you can do anything you want, post article, edit tutorials, I hope that it will soonly become a large documentation ressource [!]

There is also an image gallery system where you can upload your renderings, or textures 8)

You can also generate pdfs from the articles :Z

This is a good idea. There was another blender wiki, but I couldn’t find any edit buttons…

fixes your 'terrible english :wink: You speak better english than I speak french :wink:

I uploaded 2 tutorials (in french) but i’m planning to translate them :slight_smile: And i think there is a direct babblefish link somewhere on the page…

Why not contribute to the Blender Knowlege Base?