BlenderPeople with MariaDB??

Hello all,

I hope I am putting this question in the correct section of the forum.

I was recently reading an article from the Linux Journal which mentions MariaDB.
Before I go on,I must explain that MariaDB is an open source replacement for MySQL. According to their download site, which I just visited today, I quote:
“To provide a community developed, stable, and always Free branch of MySQL that is, on the user level, compatible with the main version. We strive for total interoperability with both our own, and our upstream, communities.
MariaDB is kept up to date with the latest MySQL release from the same branch. For example MariaDB 5.1.47 is up to date with MySQL 5.1.47, and so on.”

My question is: has anyone had any success in trying to use this with BlenderPeople 0.8 in place of MySQL? To be able to do this would be advantageous because there would be an open-source and free alternative to MySQL.

Currently, I am trying to run BlenderPeople using this setup. In the event that I succeed, I will be sure to let everyone know. However, if someone has already done this, please let me know.


I have never had to pay anything to use mySQL. At what point is mySQL NOT FREE?

iirc mariadb is at this moment more or less a drop in replacement for mysql, a fork to keep the mysql code base alive in case oracle would kill it. I think it should work, but shouldn’t postgre (or mssql for that matter) also work or does BP use some mysql specific syntax?

Quite true aothms. I will also look up on Postgre. I checked mssql, but I noticed that it uses an EULA, an End-User License Agreement. Some EULAs can be open-source, but considering that mssql means Microsoft SQL Server, I wouldn’t be surprised if mssql wasn’t open-source.

I just wikied MariaDB and came up with this: “MariaDB is a community-developed branch of the MySQL database, the impetus being the community maintenance of its free status under GPL as opposed to any uncertainty of MySQL license status under its current ownership by Oracle.
The intent also being to maintain high fidelity with MySQL, ensuring a “drop-in” replacement capability with library binary equivalency and exacting matching with MySQL APIs and commands. It includes the XtraDB storage engine as a replacement for InnoDB.
Its lead developer is Monty Widenius, the founder of MySQL and Monty Program AB.”

to Atom: It appears to me from what I have read that there are potential discrepancies with the MySQL license, which even the original founder fears. Perhaps they could make it propietary. As of now, we don’t know. Since MariaDB appears to adhere firmly to the GPL, I think it a good idea to attempt to try to use it with BlenderPeople in the event that MySQL starts putting restrictions on its users.