BlenderPeople0.8 Release

BlenderPeople0.8 is released…

If you watch the videos, please right click and “save target as…” to be nice to my server :slight_smile:

You can use this thread for discussion, bugs, gripes, etc.

BTW, the demo video on the main page was created with less than 1/2 hour of work in BlenderPeople. (not counting rendering, although frames for the full size video {800x450} rendered at between 45secs and 1 minute a piece, due to level-of-detail optimizations). There are obviously a lot of problems left to work out, but at least things are getting fun now.

BIG PIECE OF ADVICE: Download the doc file first, and read throught the dependencies before you go downloading the BlenderPeople release file. You’ll need MySQL, a full Python installation, the MySQLdb Python<->MySQL bridge, and a special Blender binary. If you just download the .blend file and try to use it without those extra things, or try to run it in standard Blender release, it won’t even come close to working, and I will be justified in mocking you without mercy!

awesome, there was an atricle on blendernation RSS news feed about its release this morning but the link led to a missing page.

Downloading now!

the link works now

Wow, I just watched the swordsmen movie and I must say this is totally awesome work.

I have been following the developpment out of curiosity and interest (not for use right now) and its truly amazing work and scripts… The only thing you have to refine seems to be the paths making to another enemy and detecting of range to strike. Some went through eachother before swinging.

Other then that. Great stuff

I watched the video. Why are there rapid movements?

'Cause it ain’t done. 0.8.

Wow, i watched the video and, i have to say i got hooked on this script :smiley: absolutly cool. OK some of the knights are a bit stupid, but the overall impression is really great.
And perhabs the few unrealistic things could have been made more realistic by spending more time to it. But for a 1/2h work this is absolutly awesome.
Hope the script and the features used by the script we’ll be included in future blender releases

Pretty cool. That music for the red and the blue boogying down … It gave me flashbacks to a 13 HOUR car ride to Maine a few summers ago. My at-the-time 2 year old daughter REALLY liked that album. Shake-shake-shake! Shake your boo-tay!

Heh heh,
I noticed those rapid movements as well. But I’d like to point out that in spite of the shear complexity of the simulation, not much went wrong. Think about all the things that could look weird, or just plain not work in such a project and your resulting awe is well founded.


It smells like the Massive…

Awesome piece of work :).

Best Regards

very good work… * * * * * for python scripting!
@harkyman: do you know if the special blender features that are needed for bp will be integrated into blender? maybe 2.42b?


I hope so. For the next few weeks, I’ll be breaking up all of my source additions into little snippets that no one can possibly refuse! Well, maybe they can, but I plan to ply any opponents with whisky and gift certificates to the Chicken Ranch.

The video looks great. You probably just need a better animation library, but I think now when blender people is functional you can find more people which will do their own animations. It’s great you didn’t stop in the project over the years and that you have brought it to this stage. In fact it’s almost unbelievable :slight_smile:

Awesoooooooooooooooome!!! :slight_smile:
Thank you very much

Very nice Harkyman. Does this ABSOLUTLY require Mysql 5?. I have 4.14( I think the minor version number is .14,but I will check) But I can upgrade to 5 if I need to with not a problem.

[EDIT] Never mind I found the answer after reading the first page of the docs.

I just saw this on the front page at cg talk and was like OMG!!! I know this work! Nice job man.

First, thank you very much for sharing this !

You might want to update your web page that says “mySQL 5.0” as a preReq, while the Manual says :

* BlenderPeople 0.8 also works with MySQL4.1+ and Python 2.3. If you already have these installed, there is no need to upgrade

I already had MySql 4.0.24 (which appears to be working so far … is 4.1 the real minimum requirement ? :smiley:

Btw, with all the brilliant programming you’ve done to create this with both Python and modifying Blender itself, it seems a bit crude and “kludgy” that the user has to manually advance the frame counter by “12” frames to continue the simulation :slight_smile: … Or is there a benefit to setting the frame counter to other than “12+” ? … to get other interesting effects?


Thanks for letting me know it’s on front page at CGTalk. My server’s getting hammered, so I had to strip the main page a bit.

Great job!
Thx a lot!


I can host a mirror for you. Feel free to add the link on your site. :slight_smile: