blenderplayer 2.5X library problems

Hello everybody

I´m 35% done with making of FPS game in blender 2.5(started some time before oficial alpha 0[yes, I know it is too long for simple FPS game]) and I´m having quite some trouble with blenderplayer and it´s libraries.

problem #1: need of entire “lib” directory from blender/2.5X/python. This causes expanding of my game by 20MB in size. I thought that all functions from “lib” directory had to be executed from python31.dll . This problem appears only when Python 3.1 is not installed on my PC

problem #2: executing a game with blenderplayer from USB drive gives me following message (and Microsoft visual C++ Runtime Library error):

Fatal Python error: Py_Initialise: can´t initialise sys standard streams
File "C:Python26\Lib\encodings\", line 123
   raise CodecRegistryError,\

Syntax Error: invalid syntax

It seems that blenderplayer wants to load all modules from python instalation directory instead of Python31.dll . In my case it tries to load modules from complecly different version of python :eek:

I will try to get more detailed info about theese problems so I can put a message in bug tracker but firstly I would like to ask if someone else has problems like this with blenderplayer

Note: Im using modified blender (revision 33594) compiled with MinGW and SCons (which leads me to problem 3 but more on that later… )

EDIT: I have both python2.6 and 3.1 on one PC and python 2.6 on the other one
EDIT2: OS - Winows XP SP2