Blenderplayer framerate

Hello. I’m doing a performance analysis on GE and I want to test both the embedded engine and the blenderplayer. However, when Enable All Frames is activated, only the embedded engine works as expected(it displays as many frames as it can). Blenderplayer is limited at 100 fps(this has nothing to do with vsync, since my display is 60hz). I’ve checked the command line arguments but I can’t find anything wrong on my side. Have you ever run a game inside blenderplayer and exceeded 100 fps ?

I’ve tried looking in the sourcecode of the blenderplayer but I can’t find anything that limits framerate to 100 fps and I don’t have too much time available to search thoroughly in the sourcecode.


I have never gotten a frame rate higher then 29 in blender.:confused:

darn this computer.:no:

Yes, 100 FPS is the highest I can get Blenderplayer or .exe to run. Try looking at this program, it’s an awesome tool that should allow the framerate to max-out.

Why not just keep frame rate in step with the monitor refresh rate?

If 60Hz means the screen is being refreshed 60 times a second, then there really is no point in having a framerate > 60fps, since you won’t even see most of the frames that are being drawn beyond that.

It seems like a giant waste of CPU/GPU resources to make the blenderplayer chug all it could possibly chug.

Or at least, that’s the way I see it.

That said, I don’t have any clue where to find the framerate code in the player source, but I think Erwin might know (he created the bullet engine, and from what I understand he’s also something of a game engine development lead).

So you could pm erwin and ask him for some guidance on that matter.

Good luck.

I think you can make it display the frame rate with a command line switch.

Thank you Social, I’ll pm erwin. I want this for profiling information(I’m trying to make the game engine faster); I totally agree that having a framerate higher than the monitor refresh rate isn’t necessary.