Blenderplayer import python module problem


I’m sure this is simple but I can’t figure it out at the moment. I’ve got a python script in GameEngine which uses the EasyGUI library to open a dialog for the user to select a path.

When I’m running the game engine through blender everything works fine. When I’m running the .blend file with blenderplayer from the console as

>blenderplayer example.blend

the module cannot be found.

Easygui is invoked on the script simply as:

>import easygui

The easygui library files ( and easygui.pyc) resides in the folder with the .blend file. I get the same behaviour when I’m putting the library on /python25/Lib/site-packages, which is the default search place for external modules I think.

I can’t see why it’s working by normally opening the .blend file in Blender but not working when opened with blenderplayer - do I have to define to blenderplayer somehow where to look for the library?