Blenderplayer not working like it should?

For some reason blenderplayer does not show things like it does in blender… is something wrong? I get all this extra light that is way to bright even when I remove all lights…

Yeah the new official 2.47 blenderplayer is broke. It actually shows no shading at all.
I told about it earlier but no one seems to bother about it `>(

This sucks… at least my game is still in development so it is not really needed yet…

This one’s an Apricot build with almost, I think almost all the 2.47 features. I’m not sure if the .bplayer works well with normal blender shaders, but it’s perfect with GLSL.

GAAAH your build doesnt work either :frowning: well I guess i,ll keep wokring on my game then i’ll send the blend to someone who can make working .exe with a working blenderplayer (looks at cyborg_ar :frowning: )

Have you guys submitted this issue to the bug tracker?
It would certainly help in getting it fixed.

No, I did not. I will now.

I’ve done a post regarding BlenderPlayer 2.47 before it was released.

It would be great to have a recent BlenderPlayer that support Hardware Stereoscopic. It seems all 2.4X supports Anaglyph, but it is useless and hard on the eyes. Although Anaglyph should be kept none the less for LCD monitors when you do basic test for the Hardware Stereoscopic systems.