BlenderPlayer on Galaxy S4 | GLSL Shader doesn´t work


i downloaded some versions of the Blenderplayer and installed Python3 and put all other stuff in my home directory!

Then i took some Test-Files from forums and some blog but none of them are working…

On BlueStacks player they work fine but on my S4… nothing. Just the horizon Color without any objects!
When I use Multitexture Shader, there´s no light but Objects with no textures!

Is this a bug or is my hardware to new for Blenderplayer?

Please help me!! Want to make a Game with Blender for my S4 :smiley:

As far as I know, Blender support on Android was experimental and incomplete. I think there were some demo blend files that worked but I’m not sure if it ever got to 100% compatibility. It is unlikely that there is an easy fix for your problem.