BlenderPlayer trouble

Hi everybody,

I’m having a big problem with the Blender stand-alone player.

I’ve made a game under Blender and it works fine in the Publisher, but when I publish my .blend file or run it with Blenderplayer the game behaves strangely: The game freezes if there is no input, if i move my mouse or press any key the games runs but as soon as i stop doing this the display freezes again.

I’m on a Linux platform (Gentoo).

Could someone give me a hint , what may cause this freezing ???

use python?

does it just do this with your file?

(any errors printed, any printed when you use the -c switch?)

Well, I also used to have this strange behaviour. My guess is that it might be caused by the OSS-Emu from an older ALSA version. It disappeared after renewing the system. But it’s only a guess.

It’s a known bug.

Fixed in tuhopuu2.

Thanks for your answers.

If it’s fixed in tuhopuu2, where can i find the player for linux?

I had Tuhopuu once, but the mouse logic bricks didn’t work, and I need this in my game. Is it normal or does it exist a Tuhopuu2 player with this function enable?