Hi all,

fyi, here’s a site I set up with links to Blender downloads, websites, tutorials, & cool stuff.

Enjoy. :smiley:

Thanks! Lots of great links on there.

Great site man. Question: The link to BlenderMats (under freebies) looks like it has some great materials there, but how do you download them? Are the links dead?

Hi guys,
glad you like it…any suggestions are welcome including more links. :smiley:

re: Blendermats…I just tried and don’t see any valid links to download the mats. =(
Here’s an article at Blendernation about it as well, but the links take you to the same place.

Oscar Alvarado created Blendemats in 2006 according to the article. Does anyone know
how to contact him?

I’ll try to find out if the mats are still available somewhere else.

It looks like just a trap to get you to download Ilivid download manager etc. I downloaded and installed it
to see if it would allow me to download the mats, but still only dummy links to the downloader.

Thanks for pointing it out though! I’ll remove the link at my site until I find a valid one.
AND will check all other links to make sure they aren’t bogus! :wink:

ps- if anyone else finds a problem link, please let me know…these are only to help folks get & learn Blender.
I’m not selling myself or anything or promoting anything except Blender. This is my way of saying “Thanks!” to
everyone who’s helped me with it. :smiley:

You forgot and maybe . Both for the models and stuff directly in blend files.

Thanks Kaluura…didn’t know about them. :slight_smile:

BTW, just emailed Oscar Alvarado to ask how to download the mats.

Oscar’s website