Blenderroad - Blender girls - sensible replies.

I am concerned that when a new member of this forum asked an innocent question, their thread was overtaken by offensive and childish arguments. When Blenderoad comes to check if anyone has found an answer to her question she will find a locked thread full of bigotry.

is this really the image of the blender community we wish to project?

i am re-posting the original post. If anyone has a sensible reply for blenderroad please do so here. I respectfully ask that not only the argument from the previous thread does not continue, but it is not even mentioned after this post.

Original post:

Hi All,

I am new to Blender as i explore it and get to know many Youtube channels, and various web pages on blender tutorials, i noticed there ain’t many run by females. In fact, i haven’t stumbled upon any.

Haven’t you also noticed that? If nope, is there any female running tutorials, blog, or just being an artist on Blender topic? If yep, please send me the url to her/them

Thanks a lot!

I have to say: for once I’m not the guy who inflamed the argument. :slight_smile:

As far as the poster’s question, There are a couple of female members on this forum who I’ve come in contact with while I’ve been here.
I could go ahead and refer him/her to the both of them. :slight_smile: though I don’t understand the specificity of a girl over a guy. :confused:

Some links for you to check out:

Cheers, pix the first to spring to mind. there are several others i have come across but sadly i dont have quick access to their links

Wat ever happened to z3r0ed, were they male or female, they were one of the first to help me here.

Sandra Gilbert at blenderart magazine would have to be one of the most knowledgeable blenderheads out there.

havent been checking blenderartist since the last you-know-which-thread :wink: just bumped in to this one, and thank you for it MonkMonk and the rest :slight_smile: i wanted to know if there are any females, for the sake of getting to know blender ecosystem better.

any leads are appreciated, and thanks a lot for your nice support! :slight_smile:

whatever happened to mcthingy, she always had interesting stuff going on.
anyway blender open group on face book has a quite a few female members

and sonja heppner i believe is one of the admin for that page, she also arranges live streams,blender related though i dont know what they are like as i have not attended any yet

and i hope one bad thread doesnt scare you from the community, were not all trolls :slight_smile: