Blender's Architecture

Hey folks, I’m looking for more information on Blender’s Architecture, it says that half of this information in here is obsolete:

Any idea what information on that page is still relevant to this day? I’ve checked the documentation for the 2.6 branch but the entire developer wiki is a little overwhelming and aren’t organized all that efficiently.

Any help to get me to familiarize myself with how Blender’s set up? I already have the code layout and it’s helpful but I’d love it if I could get some pointers. Thank you!

Most of it is relevant through 2.79. A little more will change with 2.8. Blender is a fairly large program with many systems and understanding most of them can take years. If you have a particular area you are interested in then I suggest starting there.

Have you already looked over here: ?

I understand, thank you!

You may be familiar to this site. Have you checked or gone through this