Blenders Bug Tracker broken?

Just tried two times to report a Bug - no Error - but no Bug Report either…

Last report from 2013-09-13 19:04

Is it on halt for Bcon (what 4)? If so, would be great to let the people know, maybe before the submit, but at least afterwards…

The Bug is not “that” bad, just the Compositor does not work at all on one File!

I submitted a bug earlier today and it seemed fine. I didn’t attach anything on that report, though. There could be an issue there I guess.

I just recently submitted an issue to the tracker (with a .blend file attachment) with no problem and is already fixed.

You might want to check the size of your .blend file for one thing, the maximum size that the tracker allows for attachments isn’t that big (perhaps due to a combination of saving server space and to make sure people emphasize the bug and make it easy to spot).

Thanks, now i feel really stupid :wink: Of course it was filesize to big, but i can’t remember any warning showing up, i felt like it was everything fine. Many thanks, and keep bugging Bugs :wink: