Blender's competitor

There was some talk back about another 3d program that was claiming it would surpass blender shortly? Anyone remember what it was?

There was this article on Blender Nation.

But I seem to remember an article about another open source project where the lead developer was trying to paint Blender in a bad light, but I can’t find it.

EDIT> Here is the article

i think the caveat was that his package would be caught up to blender by now IF all the open source developers worked on HIS project. which makes me wonder why he didn’t just copy the blender codebase…?

i think you might be talking about 4D Blue…


Dang, I’ve been holding my breath all this time for nothing!

Look at the dates on their “News” tab. That should tell you quite a bit.

yeah 4d blue failed, but look, they had caustics GI and SSS before blender did. Thats gotta count for something. Anyone know what the hell happened to the Blender caustics anyway?

I played with 4dblue quite a bit and its render is not bad. It does not seem to be developed any more. I had trouble with its camera settings and importing my blender scenes. To bad it had allot of promise I thought.

To bad it had allot of promise I thought.

agreed, it definately did

The program was .

I thought Blender’s toughest competitor was Status Quo

About that 4D blue, the website is not updated but in the forum there is a link to the latest version.

about 4d blue: i have a strong feeling that their renderer is actually a hacked pov-ray engine.