Blender's Creating Invisible Objects?

Hi Folks,

For some reason, when I add a cube, or any object for that matter, Blender creates the object, yet I cannot see it in 3D view.

Does anybody know why Blender is doing this?

Many thanks for reading,

  • Luke

When u say 3d view - do you mean camera view…

cos if so, perhaps camera isnt pointing at the object.

Sorry if this is insulting but I do that kind of silly thing all the time and assume that I cant be the only dimwit out there…am I?


Another mistake I always make is being on the wrong layer - try selecting all layers!

Press [ctrl] + [c] as well after you add an object.

hits head I just found a bunch of objects in another layer. :expressionless:

Thanks for the replies, guys. :smiley:


just a thought - r u using a laptop cos I just did the same thing - I pressed top view and lost everything - forgot to use the [fn] key to access the keypad fuction… I just pressed 1 to get back…