Blender's Font

Okay this is a little strange, but do any of you know what font Blender uses on its logo?
I don’t mean the ones in the interface. I have looked around in the source a bit, but I have not found it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

After two years of off and on searching, I have found a place that tells of a font that goes WELL with the font in the logo.

I have a feeling that the logo was made with SVG, so there is no real font that fits.

I would make a font, but I don’t know what applications there are for that purpose.

It looks like a designer modified the glyphs in ‘Swiss 721’ (bold extended) and it probably isn’t a full typestyle in and of itself.

There’s info on the history of the Blender logo here:

Tynach: creating a typestyle is a long process. A good one is made with a careful use of points in the individual glyphs, but also contains many (many many many) kerning pairs to make the typeface usable without a lot of manual tweaking.

I used to use Fontographer years ago. There is an open source program (which I haven’t used) for creating/editing fonts here:

Thanks for the replies, that font does look like the one used (except for the angled extenders added to the b, d, e (which I can do myself)). Now the problem is that it appears that I would buy this font, which I would rather not do. So do you any of you know if this font is available for free?