Blenders freezing up on me!!

hey has anyone had a problem with blender like freezing up your computer and making you have to restart because blender ver. 2.25 is recently freezing my computer and blender ver. 2.36 won’t even run for a minute on mine please reply and if this has happened tell me how to fix it, please!

It might be because you have an onboard gfx card. Try going to Display settings (I’m assuming you are using WinXP) and turrning Hardware acceleration to “none.”

Of course, it would help if you could provide OS and system information.

Do you have an ATI card? if you do, go to the sticky thread “Things to do to make Blender work correctly” in this forum.


… well

in summary: ati and intel cards have [different] problems

many worse cards [intel ones are very notable for this] will crash if you don’t run in 16 bit color mode

ati cards are very peculiar with their slowdown issues [there are conflicting reports about which driver versions work and which versions of blender have problems], but I feel that the latest drivers [5.2] will work with the latest version of blender [2.36]… your mileage may vary

if your problem isn’t described there let us know [there, here, via pm…] which video card you have and the problem you have with blender and we will try to help

Try to avoid turning off hardware acceleration, it makes blender run really poorly… hopefully you can find another solution

To solve your problem:We need to know your computer specification(CPU type, RAM size, graphics card display… etc), what OS are you use.