Blender's future?

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I think it’s wonderful that Blender has such an active user support group. My only concern is that as time goes by and Blender remains stagnant, the group will begin to take on the same status as that of the “Comodore 64 users group”.

What does Blender need to survive? It needs to continue to evolve in order to keep pace with other 3D programs. Even if it is free, it will eventually fall from favor from all but the biggest die-hards. If NAN won’t (can’t) continue the develpment, then who will? Perhaps the only solution is to make it open source a la Linux and let the comunity take control.

I would love to see Blender survive… I just don’t see it happening without a replacement for NAN. Elysiun is wonderful, but only prolonging Blenders inevitable death. I’m not unpatriotic towards Blender… Just being realistic.



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I don’t think Blender will die, as long as the option of releasing it open source upon permanent bankruptcy stays on the table. If so then you have two options, one, they find a replacement and get things going, two, it goes open source and finds a new inhabitance among the community. So only time will tell on which route it takes for it future.

As for it surving and keeping pace, this is one of the topics I hope to work on with the Blender Integration Effort. I however am coming up with a back up plan, as I hope elysiun is also, incase the worst does come true like you said, to keep the community together with similar and viable alternatives. There is other applications out there, we just need to find them, try them, and rate their potential. Obviously if they are open source their potential is higher because they’re not dependant upon a company for development and risking the same situation as NaN. The basic concepts of blender can be put to use in many 3D programs, although I truly think and hope blender will make it, we must be prepared to adapt and evolve if necessary.

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opensource was on the table for a few years. now its been swept under the carpet

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‘book is closed on open source’ would be more poetic.

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‘book is closed on open source’ would be more poetic.[/quote]


I thought I got a rather nice reply in there :slight_smile:

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‘book is closed on open source’ would be more poetic.[/quote]


I thought I got a rather nice reply in there :)[/quote]

on second read, yours was nice too :slight_smile: