Blender's GE evolution and adaptability

Hello everyone,

I hope this is in the right forum.

I’ve been using blender for some years now and know how to do a bit of everything.

Something I always enjoyed was blender’s Game Engine. It allowed me to prototype some games and interactive environments quite easily. Thoguh it can be expanded with python I’ve always tried to use nodes to keep consistency.

I want to further learn about Blender’s GE capabilities but I know that it is up for a renewal (, but I don’t know how much would change. I also found out about Blend4Web ( and its Node system seem promising.

I like the idea of having my blender interactive creations running everywhere via browser, but I would also like for it to run on a raspberry pi…

So… after all this my questions are:
Will blender GE get much alterations from its current standpoint?
Will B4W be integrated to blender?
What is your experience with blender games in a raspberry pi? Is it even runable?

Best regards and thanks!

We know that project mystery (aka the interactive mode) is going to replace the game engine. And that’s pretty much everything the community knows about it.

Ton said we were keeping the game engine and inviting the game engine team to rethink logic and that the viewport pbr render/new bgl will be used in the game engine… 2.8 looks well funded as well.

This is looking through a glass sphere - do not rely on it until it is present


It sounds like you need to dig through all the available game engines and pick one. The BGE by itself is not a browser plugin, nor targeted to be one. There are other options (such as Burster) to use the BGE.

I guess a game engine that aims for browsers would be more sufficient for your needs.

Thanks for all your replies. I was quite hoping for some quite dramatic changes.

I’ve seen through many engines but, since I’m not a programmer (I just know some Javascript and python), I wanted something that could integrate with what I already know.

My hesitation in dedicating more time to learn BGE steamed from the possible changes that are coming.

Best regards, and thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

EDIT: BTW, I was hoping something along the logic nodes of B4W would be implemented…

I suggest for an engine that actually exist rather than bother what might exist in future. The BGE as it is now (and the older versions) are available and it is not planned that they disappear from web. You could even use Blender 2.49 if you like ;). As said above, it does not look like that any of the existing BGE’s fit your needs.

I would not worry too much about the scripting languages. You will need to learn the API and the architecture of the game engine you chose anyway. Keep in mind: programming is a way to describe behavior in a formal language. It is not really different to telling your friend to do a favor (you just need to know how to talk to him to get what you want :ba:).

You could try UpBge.

It runs in browser?

Ops my mistake, nope.

Thanks for all the replies. Monster, I read some other topics where you replied. My main worry was investing time in BGE when in 1~2 years it would be removed.

UpBge Seems to be interesting.

I’m not that interested in an engine running in Browser, I know that blender can export for Windows, Mac and Linux.

My only interest in the browser was the ability to make it “easy” to implement it in a raspberry pi, BUT I know that’s not the most efficient thing to do.

About B4W, its node system is really easy for “noobish” programmers to understand the logic. BGE only “clicked” for me when I understood that what matters are the Controllers, and for every variation of an action, a controller must be created.

So it is more that you want a game engine to play with it and see what you can do (like a sandbox ;)).

This means your requirement is raspberry pi. I think you need to test if the hardware is sufficient for a at least a simple scene. When you get lags on the default cube, it shows you this is not what you want. The same belongs to any other game engine.

The benefit on the BGE (and other free engines) is that you do not need to spend any money before you discover if it is fine or not.

Alternatively you could use older versions of the BGE (such as 2.49b). It is not so performance hungry.

Some info for B4W:
B4W is integrated into blender via plug in…
No Browser plug ins are required to run output from B4W.
B4W is javascript based which means it will run on a raspberry pi that runs linux and can host a webserver. This means a computer connecting to the Pi over network would play stuff exported from B4W plug in - definitely.

if you wanted to get the GUI on the PI to show what the webserver is hosting you would need to ensure a more later version of browser is available… latest firefox or chrome is best. since Pi runs linux, yes.

As far as processing capability, the newest phones and tablets run WebGL, HTML5 / js fine… in fact quite well.
Latest versions of Pi have increasing processor power. Like anything you need to scale you output based on the capability of the system. If it hasn’t happened yet I’m sure it would very soon.