Blender's GUI - Where is it?

Hi all,

I’m thinking of creating some tutorials for the Blender commmunity. I would like there to be a lot of illustration in my tutorials and therefor need the Buttons, tabs etc…

I know much of the Graphics are probably produced on the fly by OpenGL but I believe atleast some of the graphics are stored in the Blender Source somewhere. I could print screen and cut them out manually using GIMP but it would be a lot less time consuming if I could find them at their source.

Any help would be appreciated.



Blenders gui is created on the fly in opengl. That is why you can zoom the buttons window and change the text style etc. There are no stored bitmaps that you can use. Capturing a few screenshots is pretty painless anyways.


Thanks for the reply, but I wasn’t referring to those buttons. I know that they are produced in OpenGL but what about the buttons that represent the different panals, Shading, Object, Editing, Scene and all those other buttons that lead to the IPO window, Sequence editor etc…

I’m pretty sure these aren’t produced through OpenGL. Therefor, they must be stored somewhere. I know that capturing some screenshots isn’t difficult, but it takes time cutting all those buttons out manually.

The other buttons that you can zoom in and out aren’t a problem as I’ll do a screen capture on the entire panel.

Thanks anyway :wink:


bf-blender/release/datafiles/blenderbuttons -> rename to blenderbuttons.png

Thanks Broken. Led me straight to em’ :wink:

Here they are:

Now I can get on with writing the tutorials.

Thanks again


I’m doing something similar with my new series of tutorials (first and only series but have to start somewhere). I’m planning on writing the tutorials using XML (DTD under development now) so I (and perhaps those that follow) can have a standard way of writting them and the reader will always get plenty of UI help without the author having to kill him self (so to speak).