Blender's Hardware needs

I just wanted to know how much blender relies on the cpu and memory. Also how much the graphics card impacts it, and how much I can speed things up by giving it more rescources.

CPU: The better the merrier. Only the CPU is used for rendering (not the GPU), so your rendering speed entirely depends on it (assuming you’re not swaping memory around).

Memory: Blender has a rather little footprint by itself and will grow slowly as you scene gets bigger. The memory usage is written in the Info header at the top of the screen. Blender will use more memory when rendering than when editing, so watch out for that number. Unless it gets to the point where you’re swaping around, adding more memory won’t do much.

Graphic Card (GPU): Blender’s entire interface is drawn with openGL. While modelling and editing also use the CPU, on heavy scenes, the GPU is most likely going to be the bottleneck when editing, droping down responsivness of the UI.

I hope that was helpful.


awesome thanks