Blender's interface not displaying properly

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When I start up blender 2.23/2.25 the buttons in the 2 rows following the 3DWindow and the top row
have black rectangles instead of its normal pics. i.e I don’t see the lamp or the radioactive pics on the buttons.
All I see is a black rectangle. When I move the mouse an image of the cursor remains at the last position of the mouse, until i go back and make a scratching motion at that last position. All the buttons in the bottom row (Render, Anim, etc) display properly and I can render stuff without problems. Anything I can do to remedy this.

System Specs
sony pcgfxa63 (laptop)
256mb ram
ati mobility m1 8mb
20gb hdd
amd athlon xp 1600+


(rwv01) #2

I fixed a similar problem with 2.25 on my pc by switching the display to 24 bit true color. Could try that.

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You the man rwv01.
Its a beautiful thing. I can see all the icons now. Yeaaaah.
Go rwv01, Go Blender, Go rwv01, Go Blender

If i seem overly excited its cuz using blender was one of
the reasons I bought a laptop and having it not working had me
depressed, but its working now.

Thanks rwv01

(rwv01) #4

Hey, no problem.
But you know I got that from the community ofcourse.
It’s an issue with 2.25 especially. I think that’s the standard remedy.