Blender's lack lustre motion blur.

Is any work being done to improve Blender’s motionblur capabilities in 2.5? We have multipass and vector blur but it would seem both these methods are workarounds for true motion blur.



Just wondering what is it that you would like to see added/improved.

I though vector blur with the node system was pretty much all we needed. I know the older motion blur system we have sucks but the vector version seems pretty good to me.

The vector blur we have is a 2D post blur. It’s a cheat (and artifacty as well.) Here is a little example of how it falls short.

Motion blur a cube behind a glass pane…

It can’t do it as the vector blur can no longer see the vectors of the cube behind the glass.
I was hopeful that blender would impliment a stochastic sampled blur for its internal render (which I really love BTW) during Durian. I see the blur (and sun pixel sampling on dynamics, two of the biggest hurdles for blender in the near future. Forget all this chasing cool new white papers, althoght I like playing with toys as much as the next nerd, I am hopeful for some more robust, basic tools.


There have been efforts to improve the vector blur node in the past, I don’t know if anything came out of that though.
The problems you’re describing are well known. Vector blur has serious limitations, full sample motion blur is very slow.
But at the moment there is nobody working on improving the situation (at least not as far as I know). It’s again one of those things that everybody wants and are really needed but haven’t been implemented yet.
So right now your best bet is to try and tweak the vector blur node and use some tricks like rendering your scene in several layers and combining them afterwards.

Blender could really do with a whole series of camera enhancements. That’s usually how features get added… if we call for a whole battery of features relating to simulating real-world cameras a more accurate motion-blur effect would probably get done then. The camera is extremely limited in its parameters anyway. It could really use an overhaul. It’s very challenging to do any advanced simulation with it for matching live action footage… perhaps this is one area the Blender Institute’s films have fallen short on (because so far there has been no live action/CG project done… maybe that should be the next open movie -then we’d have a lot of these things we really need)

Anyways I’d vote for a new motion blur feature update over a lot of other things.


Didn’t know vector blur was just a post process, the whole not working through transparent objects really is disappointing. And compositing of separate layers is only partial solution because how would you deal with IOR stuff.

I am amazed this sort of stuff has been allowed to last even in to 2.5x :confused:

Here’s hoping someone with the skills can fix.

Hmm… just described project mango did we? :eyebrowlift2:
It’s not official yet, but that’s what the unofficial plans are afaik. :slight_smile:

That’s basically how many features related to the open movie projects work, they implement cool looking features but then you have to use them the way the Blender Institute wants you to use them and not how you want to use them.

It even happens with features not Open Movie related (you can use blurry reflections but you can’t make a scene where glossy objects is reflected by a shiny floor)

In some ways the shading refactor could remedy the rendering limitations, but at the rate it’s going and unless it picks up then external rendering implementations like Luxblend is going to burn Blender Internal to the ground (perhaps even create cause to throw BI out of Blender altogether) in terms of using features the way you want to use them.

There’s plenty of room to join the Luxrender cartel so you’re free to hop on.

I really rate Blender’s internal render… you should see Max’s and Maya’s… sheesh. I think it’s only a few modifications away from being a really practical renderer.


I’d say many more than a few, in my experience :wink:

Anyway, as far as I know nothing is on the near horizon regarding motion blur.