Blender's Linking Stars

Hey people!

The famous TopMod “linking stars” model, made in Blender 2.67RC

Many thanks to ~StanPancakes for the help in getting this to work!
Also, kudos go out to ~xylomon for writing a tutorial on this for C4D: [link]

Original TopMod tutorial found here: [link] (This is actually the route we took)

IMPORTANT: Stan and I were trying to get this done via the new loft tool, but to no avail. The arms of each pentagon failed to reproduce even extrusions/loft. I myself tried the multi-extrude, but it’s missing a “move” function that C4D has(as was used in my friend’s C4D tutorial above). As I said, we went the route of the TopMod tutorial, and actually used loft in the end, but it took some tweaking of the first star “arm”. Anywho, if anyone who makes these awesome addons is listening…

I only did press some buttons randomly, is all! :smiley:

Perfect once again, Vicky!

Thanks again Stan, that was fun! :smiley:

Do you have any plans to 3D print it?

Probably not :smiley:

That came out really nice Vicky… l like the colors you’ve got working there. Looks like a challenging modeling job for sure.

Many thanks harleynut97! It was a lot of fun for sure, we just ran into some issues along the way :smiley:

Not really, considering the whole procedure is laid out in full detail in the video. And all the tools are there as well, they just need some more love, and use cases like this help find where they’re lacking.

hi vicky, fun piece! mathematically very appealing… i visited your deviantart site, beautiful, very pleasing and inspiring work you have done!

Thanks so much! :smiley: Thanks also for checking out my site, I have always enjoyed your work! :smiley:

This was modeled wrong your star arm is off by .005%.

Looks cool, i like DAT randomness / chaos.

Thank you kind Sir! :smiley:

Oooh. I like this. Not just the modelling but the lighting as well. Good work!

Many thanks MonkMonk! :smiley:

As I have Always said " Mathematics is the Most Beautiful Language on the Planet ".

It is Absolutely Aesthetically Appealing. Very Attractive piece of work.

Have you considered having a 3D print done?

Thanks a lot! I haven’t quite gotten on the 3D printing bandwagon yet, but this thing would certainly be something I would consider if I decided to get one done :smiley: