blenders performance?

i was wondering what blenders performance mosly depends on? the cideo card? the ram? the prosesor speed? like the rendering time and the anoying lag of having just to make things on teh screen at once (like using subsurf 6 times on an object"

plz tell me what you guys think my computer needs an upgrade in to improve blenders ability to handle things

my curent specs comp specs are

windows xp prof
intel p4, 3.2
2 x 512 ram
intel media accelorator 900 (this video chip might need upgrading?)

thats basicaly all that blender requres in my opinion… if its the video card i need to buy some 1 plz give me some recomandations (within a 150 buk range)


For rendering: A good processor and lots of RAM. Your configuration is the same as mine (P4 3.2Ghz, 1024 Mb RAM), and it’s not bad.

For visualisation: Video card. I have a Radeon X850 - XT, but that’s because I use my PC also for gaming. Some people say that NVidia cards work beter with Blender, so you might want one of those. And also: SubSurf level 6 is useless… I never go higher than level 3, and it’s more than enough. If the program lags you can set viewport SubSurf level low and rendering level high.