blenders power

to me that seems like a good waste of $500

That guy exposes himself to lots of really deadly dust doing that stuff ,it’s amazing he’s still allive!

true, lots of nasty chemicals in electronics. I wonder if that guy ever thinks about that

i think its obvious he doesn’t or that hes wearing an invisible respirator. :slight_smile:

I hate those videos. Mostly because they interfere with my searching for Blender stuff @ the tube. Oh, and because there are far more creative ways to wanton destruction.

i’ve got a BlendTec. Makes great smoothies.

And I bet you’re feeling tempted to throw in your cell phone… oh yes, you’re soooo tempted…

imagine putting a small animal in there :slight_smile:

Even if the videos show a pointless way to ruin sometimes good Items, I find it WAY better than the people who buy the product, take it outside the store, and smash it. Plus, these videos are way more entertaining. (The lighters on is the coolest)

I just bought an Oster blender at kmart, drat it, but I’m not
going to waste good money by smashing anything.

I rely on blenders constantly. I can’t eat out much.
At least I got a nice chrome retro-1950’s blender.