Blenders Real-Time Graphics

Is it just me or do the textures in Blender look really simplyfied. Like if a texture which gradually goes from dark blue to white shows up as just blue and white with no shading. Could it be my graphics card? Ive got an ATI 128 and gonna change it a Nvidea GeForce 4 soon (when ive got the cash) or is it just blender?

Yeah, the ati 128 seems to have a big problem with blender’s textures. You will probably get better results if you turn mip-mapping off (drag the top bar down and click on no mipmapping), on my 128 the textures look perfect without mipmapping, and screwed up with it.

On my radeon 7200, there is no texture quality loss.

Thanx mate!!!

Mip mapping looks HORRIBLE on my computer. It makes all the textures look really grainy from a far distance.


I think you have that mixed up. Mip mapping will make textures (at worst) look blurry from a distance, or if you are looking at a face at an angle. If it is off textures will look wrong from a distance as if they were scaled wrong. They will kind of flicker. (You have to see it yoruself, in an image app scale down an image using pixel resize and see how bad it looks. similar to when mipmapping is off)

Sorry, i meant no mip-mapping. You’re right, just a typo.


I found an interesting article on flipcode that may shed some light on the colour loss that sometimes occurs on textures in Blender’s game engine.

Here’s the article, pay particlular attention towards the bottome where it mentions “Texture Internal Formats.”

I think some graphics cards may have different default values for the texture internal formats, and Blender must not change these defaults. Although, since I can’t make much sense of the Blender source code yet, I can’t be sure if this is actually the case.

That banding on the one texture looks just like the problem blender seems to have. Thanks for the link wiseman!