Blender's supposed to open .wav files, but so finicky about .wav files itself

I downloaded a couple music loops off of soundsnap in .wav format and I couldn’t get Blender to play them even though they were .wav files. I even downloaded a sound file converter to see if I could get it in a Blender friendly .wav format.

Exactly what kind of .wav file is Blender looking for? I mean specifically, if you download a .wav and you have a file converter, what kind of .wav file do you need to convert it to?

well I dont think it can play files under 2 seconds and I dont think it can play compressed wavs

yes, blender’s built in sound system is pretty bad, you should consider using pygame

sounds like a compressed wav (or something to that effect)
I had the same problem awhile ago.
I solved it by using audacity to import the wave, and just export it as a wav again. Dunno why, but it works :smiley: (and blender reads it)

I got it working, I downloaded this software

And set the .wav codec to uncompressed and 96000 Hz. For some reason it worked, after that’s done, I simply used the software to lower the Hz almost all the way.

EDIT2: I converted the 96000 Hz .wav file to 8000 Hz. The resulting file conversion of the roughly 1 minute long file dropped the size of my .blend file all the way from 55 megabytes to 10, only 4 of those megs from the sound file.:slight_smile: