Blender's taking over the world!

(acasto) #1

I know it’s a pretty pitiful modification of my earlier earth, but I couldn’t resist.

Let me know what ya think!

(Cativo) #2

Not bad! I think it would look better if the logo was over a continent, Euro-Asia, since it’s larger…

(Goofster) #3

COOL! I remember seeing an ancient contest on
The idea was to find blenderlogo’s in strange places. Maybe we should do that again?

(acasto) #4

Thanks, I tried putting it over europe and africa, but it didn’t show up to well. I just threw it togther in aobut 15 minutes, so I didn’t really have time to tweak it together much.

(S68) #5


why don’t you carve the logo through earth?

Something like


(overextrude) #6

I read a story where someone was creating works of art by projecting a black and white image onto a large patch of grass-- the areas receiving the most light had the most growth, and the areas receiving the smallest amount, had the smallest growth. Think of projecting a huge blender logo onto a forest on the surface of the earth.

(acasto) #7

The logo carved in the Earth looks good S68 for that effect. I was trying to get something like maybe Ton built a weather machine or something… :smiley:

(stephen2002) #8

neat. It dosn’t really look like the rest of the clouds. It seems not fluffy enough.

(acasto) #9

I know, I forgot to set the NOR value up to give it some depth. Also there’s not very good transistion in it because I just used the GIMP airbrush and threw it together. Just a concept, maybe someone will do something cool with it someday.

(CurtisS) #10

This was my entry to the “logo in strange places” contest long ago. There were alot of really images, hopefully we can see them again!

(S68) #11

Really cool one :slight_smile:


(Millhouse) #12

Why dont you make an actual continent and find a nice large piece of ocean to stick it in i reckon that would work quite well.