Blender's Technical Limits in Animation?

So both Blender and maya have curve editors to adjust timing in animation. Could a blender animator technically make the same quality of animation as an industry Maya Pixar animator? Do you know if blender has any limitations that limit the quality of the animation that can be created with it?

I’d say look at the Blender open movies. Agent 327 has some really nice and nuanced animation. So does Cosmos Laundromat. All of the recent ones really have had some pretty outstanding shots. So I think the answer is yes, you can achieve the same quality of movement/animation in Blender that you could in anything else.

The question is how much do the tools offered speed up or slow down the time and effort it takes to create that movement. I know that there are animation tools and features that I miss from Max when I’m using Maya, and things I miss from Maya when I’m using Max. I’m sure Blender’s the same way.

I’ve only started dabbling with animation in Blender but I find the curve editor for example pretty clumsy and hard to work with. But I bet once you get used to it it’s fine. Obviously the the guys at Blender are doing a great job with it.

So would you say that people who animate in Maya have more tools to create nuanced movement? Aren’t they just modifying curves like blender animators?

EDIT: I tend to see more quality animation done in Maya but maybe it’s because more people in the industry are using it for professional work

You’re right, I would say that’s probably because the majority of animators are using Maya. I think as Blender starts getting more popular and more experienced animators start picking it up you’ll see a big jump in the quality of animation you see coming from Blender, too.

There are a lot of nice quality-of-life tools either built in to Maya or available through 3rd party that make some of the common animation headaches easier to deal with. But in the end, yeah, you’re really just editing curves and I’m pretty sure curve calculation and evaluation is more or less the same across most animation packages.

So, a little of both :slight_smile:

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