Blenders Theme Song!

yes i took the challenge on the other thread. so here it is. enjoy, critique, and comment please. :smiley:
Blender 3D

EDIT: this Song is licensed under a CC License

I like it! Very nice work.

Thanks. A small challenge I took.

Cool! Yet where are the cheerleaders all dressed up in short skirts doing all kinds of tricks for the spectators? I would send a composition that I did for my late cat Isis, except that is all analog. It was composed on three synths with 32 note poly and 64 channels as well as a drum machine in the background. If you wish, give me a pm and some postage and I will send you a copy. It’s not bad, yet it is still not perfect.

yeah. im thinking of trying to come up with a different version (sometimes more takes are better).

Yeah, I know what you mean. Still in all, when I dabble about in the arts, It is more for my sake. If other people enjoy it, that’s cool, Yet if I don’t enjoy my own works, they are not finished yet. As I have said before, “I am my own most worst critic” It is quite maddening at times. One thing that I might suggest is just not to give up or try to meet other people’s expectatations. When you are happy then that is all there is!

Cheers, pix


Its really good…hhmm