Blender's UI drives me crazy

Have encountered this one a free years back. Was making some 3d graphs with freestyle trying out different line styles and occlusion settings. Render the scene Everytime and that the freestyle is single threaded relic from 2005 Makes iteration pretty impossiblely slow.

Why? It is often faster than clicking through a menu. I mean it is good to have both but if you are familiar with corner pulling it is often superior.

Since the Editor Type menu button does not go all the way to the left edge (which probably drive some people crazy) perhaps we could put some grippy dots there to help people discover corner pulling.

Yes, that would be good.
Also the cursor icon could change into something more descriptive when hovering over a corner.

And while we’re at it, it would be cool to be able to change splitting direction while corner pulling. Meaning that if you accidentially split horizontally first you should be able to go back to the corner and pull down vertically instead.The way it is now I sometimes split in the wrong direction.

Yeah there’s a minimum panel size, if you go all the way back and wait half a second it should totally undo the split.

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Heh, I just noticed that RMB and ESC cancel the split.

I think a just a keypress without going back would be more seamless, if anyone could remember it existed. Perhaps if could be listed in the status line, where lots of cues are placed, which I never remember to consult.

(IMO the status line is too small & unobtrusive to be truly helpful. Also, very often cryptic. YMMV.)

Cursor-cuing in general is a good thing.

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Hah, yeah, x-key and y-key sound like good contenders.

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I think CTRL, which would just toggle between the only 2 possibilities.

Frankly, X & Y is too much to remember, and it’s already doing one of the two things.

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We need an addon that pulls the window bottom status line and the 3d viewport top status line contents out and into their own panel where each pice of info can be on its own line and you can customize the font size. I’d buy a 3rd monitor just to have that info panel visible and huge at all times.

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For a total newcomer probably CTRL is better, but for a person who’s used Blender for a year or 2 the X and Y just feel more like “The Blender Way”. The most Blender way would be when you start dragging a corner you can release the mouse button and the divider stays stuck to your mouse movement and you can then middle mouse and gesture a bit horizontally or vertically to swich the direction, left click or enter to confirm, right click or esc to cancel.

While we’re wishing, wish for font color control. I’d dearly love “Local” to show up in bright yellow.

…the amount of time I’ve wasted…

IMO, that’s a good reason to avoid it right there.

I’d argue that since Blender already has some UI animation, you could use that to actually make things better instead of worse (like this example below):

So what should happen here is that the tiny arrow (that’s too small to begin with) would grow in size when the cursor gets close so it wouldn’t get hidden by the scrollbar… and for the corner pulling, when the cursor gets close to a corner, that corner could enlarge/fold over to indicate that hotspot.

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My personal pet peeve: if I want to move an object along an axis and press “G”, the axis cross disappears, so I have to either check the axis before or leave movement mode, check again and then press “G” again. Guess which of the two options is my regular pick -___-

Edit: same with rotation and scaling, obviously.


Arrived to Blender Video Editor, first time. Have timeline with bizarre xx:xx+xx in top, tried to RMB(so Options) to check if i can change it to frames or other options. No options related to the timeline over there. To get the frame is impossible there, need to read a value in the bottom right…haphazard organisation.

This is standard smpte timecode. You can change it in preferences

@Stringy this has been fixed in 3.0

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??? Do you mean RMB menu displays options, or what?

No the axis don’t disappear anymore while translating objects.

Overlapping questions: I was asking about the time code issue, but apparently it was about the axes.