Blender's UI drives me crazy

F9, Clicking and pulling sliders on panels is even more tedious. I’m better off typing in values. Yes, there are 5 different ways of doing it, and none of them are nearly as convenient and fluid as the directional view method. It would just be nice if the directional view method applied to the tumble view method.

You are right that tumbled views have simply not been considered as standard ones.

At the moment, we are losing the grid. Snapping increment based on zooming is no more possible.
I can understand that developers don’t want a rotated grid, after a view roll.

IMO, we should ask them to keep a grid, in ortho mode, when view was aligned on active element and transform orientation is View or a custom one corresponding to active element.

Ok, thanks for correction.
But i did not snarked at your post but to the inconsistency.

This is why user perspective camera needs an undo stack like in Maya.

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I had a whole thing about hating on the outliner before, and although it’s improved somewhat, there are still basic things that drive you crazy…

GIF 2021-11-19 14-12-28

Also, just ran into this change that I managed to forget about… it almost feels as if it was made to personally spite me… :crazy_face:


In my opinion Blender is a bit like a student project, which others use for work. Now, the student developer do want to do new stuff, things that stand out and be cool. UI, looks cool,job done.
However there are some mean bosses who force employees to use a very low cost software… and here is the problem. People who play with toys, do not think about work, 5hey have fun and if the fun ends, they do other things.
Now Blender has come a long way, but every time I run into a problem there is some hack for it.
The Outliner shows this very dramatically . Its not like in any other apps, because its basically a hack. How to save work on a layer manager, just combine layers and outliner.
How, do we instance groups, just instance layers. But layers have no transform? If they had, they would be groups… no time for renaming, just add an empty on instance to move them…etc.
Its in every corner of the software. Honestly to fix that, they would need to rewrite a lot. No tike for that, physic engine is more fun…

Yeah, there is also annoying split between object operators and collection operators:

Select Objects - only works on collections
Select Hierarchy - only works on objects

Visibility / Isolate - only works on collections
Local View for objects - not possible to access from outliner

I wanted to use similar shortcuts for both 3d viewport and outliner but object and collection operators being separate gets in the way. You could argue about isolate and local view not being the same thing but hierarchy should just work for both.

In that thread you stated that holding shift starts a scaling effect. This is not true. Holding shift constrains the movement to the axis plane.
So if you shift move on the x-axis the object will be constrained to the yz-plane. If you shift move the y-axis the object will be constrained to teh xz-plane.
This is expected bahavior and mirrors the behavior you get when you start moving the object with “g” and then hit shift-x or shift-y.

Right, and so Shift before something does A and Shift after something does B, while Alt does… fuck all? Great UI design! Totally not confusing. :expressionless:

Besides, the gizmo is meant for mouse input, so here’s how they could have done the plane thing:


And they could even do the slow-rate-of-change thing for mouse input if they wanted to:


That is the way it is done in Blender. Blender has the same plane thingies.

I’ve got 7 3d viewports in 2 blender windows. Which one should go into local view when I active it from the outliner?

I usually have 2 viewports (modelling one and small with camera view) so for me either biggest or last active one would works.

I like the interface! … you can configure it any which way you want!

When i was a new user though i did find it a bit frustrating to get my head around, and the fact that it was so different from many older youtube tutorials was also a bit of a butt-pain!

Jesus christ, I’ve been stuck using this one for far too long! image

Well, then the shift change drives me even more crazy…

Is that the one that can do tralslation, rotate and scale all on one?
I tried that once and found it even worse than the normal gizmos.

Gizmos are just terrible crutches in general and should be avoided when possible, imo.

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Only if they are poorly designed. If they are well designed, they can do awesome things, like this:


And this:


Anyway, I know there’s add-on developers who pick up the UI slack that the Blender developers don’t care about (and that’s why I support them instead of the devfund these days).

So, now back to the regularly scheduled venting! :slight_smile:

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Hmmm… Looks like grs plus 3d cursor only with gizmos.

Added three new items to the list and a GIF to the first post!


Also, had to do an internet search for the following again, even though I get the horrible feeling that someone mentioned this to me very recently (perhaps even in this thread) because gee dog, we put a setting in your setting… :man_facepalming:


BONUS: You have to de-select this option for four or five different contexts of this shortcut, and if you expand all of those options first, and then de-select the option… they all collapse:japanese_goblin:

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I’ve also thought similar things. Can you elaborate a bit more of what you think this might look like and behave like?

For the dissolve edges issue try “limited disolve” for situations like this.