Blenders UI in non english language?


As far as I know, UI language support is maintained with an addon …
“Manage UI Translations”.

This module creates a tab, with title “I18n Update Translation”.

And an error message …

Could not init language data!
Please edit the pref… UI Translate addon

Nibbling around on the prefs, to get files like “src/blender-git/blender/release/datafiles/locale/po/de.po” discovered by the addon. After messing around with the prefs, still same error.

Do you know status of Blender internationalization?


It would be kind, if someone cares. I do not need help with English UI, but others do.

I have problems introducing blender in theatre media team. Blenders English UI language gets rejected due language bareers.

Please help. Do you know state of internationalisation? Do you know how to make it work?

Which version of Blender are you referring to?

Hi William

The time I wrote first posting, struggle with 2.79 language translations. Did not get it working.

Later, I tried 2.80. Same issues.

I would like to use Blender 2.80 for the next piece. I would try to introduce Blender 2.8x to the team from May to July 2019.

It will perform from December 2019 on.

In 2.8, I don’t think you need an addon anymore, just go to User preferences>Interface>Translation

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Thanks, fdfxd.
Translation works now for various languages, I was not aware of it. The first Time I saw non-English Blender. :slight_smile:

German language is not there to choose, but there is a de/de.po branch in the svn.

— Edit —
German language available now. Thank you very much!