Blender's very own Sea Monkey

aka Suzanha:

I still have to detail lots of stuff of course. C&C are welcome :smiley:

Don’t have any C&C for you, because my brain is basically stuck in “DUDE! OMG!” mode.

Dude, was that made out of Suzanne? That’s frickin awesome.

Haha, looks like a dragon fish. Good work.

Thanx dudes :smiley:

@BlackBoe: yeah, the Suzanha started with Suzanne. I was using her to test an underwater scene, and as I looked at her, I was thinking, “I needed something more fish-like than this sea-monkey”…

haha, great. i want one :slight_smile:
is it riged?


haha. You funny guy…Ive got a good texture that you can use for scales, if your interested.


Lol! . . . .

Hahha, made me go ‘wtf’ in a good way. lmao. one crit: You should work a bit more on the lips:) And give it a nice

EDIT: huuh, new emoticons?? Bleh, I dun like the new ones:(

You dont like the new ones?

:ba: FOOL!:ba:

shame:no: shame:no: shame:no: shame:no: …

i love the new ones. That sig is slightly over the top though free_ality


@free_ality: I’ll take look at it, thanks. Link me, or do I PM my email?
@yoeri: I’m working on that. They need some detail.

@Cub: Ill just PM it too you(its not overly high-res)
@Shamem: Aw, you gettin a headache? Hehe, I guess Im an over-the-top kind of guy…


K. I don’t know if I’ll use it as it is, but I’ll sure study it and try that blending trick! Thanx dude.

@Shamem: to answer your question (sorry, I get distracted easily), it’s not rigged, I still have lots of mesh-cleaning and some detailing to do before I go there. Plus, it’s still mirrored and subsurfed.

Small update. Played a bit with the lips (“humanized them” some more), enlarged teeth, cleaned up mesh a bit, fixed some edge loops, etc. Small tweaks on the fins, specially the tail.

I think I’ll detail it using both sculpting and displacement mapping – sculpting for warts and simple features, displacement for the ribbed look on the fins. Any recommendations on this?

One thing: Just turning off the spec of your renders will make them look better. Then we can see it better, makin it easier to crit.

As for fins…Ive seen them modeled(which usually looks best), as for Disp mapping…
I dunno. I guess youd just paint one. What tips are you looking for specifically?
As for sculpting: Id love to see what you can do! Im still getting used to the sculpt feature…
Its a completely different approach to modeling.

man that thing is scary, awesome job. With some more texturing work, that has the potential to be the shiz.

Hey, the human eyes kill the fishy look a little, you might wanna do something like this.

All kinda… big, and black, and glassy.

I am a bit late… however, I would love to see Suzahna - fish textured!

Awesome. Needs to go on Uncyclopedia as the secret ruler of the Blender world.