Blenders VSE

I´am writing an article for the german BlenderWikibook about VSE and I would like to give an estimation about the capacities of VSE im comparison to other programms. Unfortunatly I have only few experience with other video editing programms and because of that I´am not able to give a fair, balanced and well thought answer to this question.
What do you think about this issue.

hoo hooo. You ask for a whole article :slight_smile:
if you want to read what people think “what’s missing” compared to others, browse the wiki for sequencer requests/todo, there’s a huge page about that.

Well the VSE editor isn’t really comparable to stand-alone video editing applications, as it’s not meant to be a fully fledged video editor…
One big advantage of it is that it’s directly integrated into blender, and I do believe there are some good new features coming up with Project Peach that should make it a bit easier to edit in the VSE.