Blenders water sim, export possible?

Hey guys how’s it going!
Well i used to use blender years ago, but for the past 6 have been using 3DS Max now, but am still astounded at the speed blender is progressing!
One of the ones i love is the new water simluation. I was wondering if there is possibly anyway to be able to export the silmuation for import into max? or a plugin for max that can read the simluation files?
That would really be amazing! Thanks for any info guys!

hi what other users who want to use it in Cinema4d, lightwave, etc. have done is export as a series of objs, one for each frame, same for importing.

The downside is that to render motion blur on the fluid you need to do so in blender since I don’t think there is currently a way to export the vector motion data.