Blenderskool works nicely, thanks Lerpie and Scott

(Enzoblue) #1

Just got done with the first seminar, ScottishPig had it all layed out with a webpage for a walkthough and everything. Worked really nice and I learned just one more thing that I can play with :slight_smile:

Hope Lerpiedood keeps this up, everyone does everything in Blender different and this gives you a nice insight on how someone else does it. You learn things that way.

Thanks guys, cheers.

(lerpiedood) #2

Thanks for the compliments! I plan on keeping this up. The next seminar is in 7 days, I’ll get the date soon, at 6pm EST. Weird is doing it on composing in Blender.

(dreamsgate) #3

Lerpie: it was fantastic, can’t wait for the next one.

(WeirdHat) #4

ComposITing. Jeez.

(theeth) #5

can we have the logs of those sessions?


(lerpiedood) #6

Damn that evil word! it always boggles my mind! What! you want logs? don’t you want the html tut version of it?

(theeth) #7

Yeah, the tut would be cool, but having the logs of the conversation would be nice, especially if it covered some questions not answered in the tut.


(lerpiedood) #8

Ok YAY! The first #BlenderChat seminar html version is up. It is in the seminars part of the blenderskool section on my site enjoi!

(dreamsgate) #9