BlenderSource: version 2.0

BlenderSources v2.0

Nor.J has done another awesome coding with Python. We can introduce BlenderSources 2.0 now to download sources from the server and more, down here what it can:

  • create account and register yourself.
  • upload/download files
  • rename and delete files
  • and much more.

Get BlenderSources:
Full version:
Update to 2.0 (full needed):

We are hard working to get some awesome sources online, for ready to use. Currently we have 79 source on the server (not online) to be checked and modified for use. Also I’m planning to make of these 79 source at least 30 tutorials, which help you getting started using the engine, python and game logic.

The current date of this isn’t set yet, but I hope I can do this soon. :smiley:
People can still upload there own tests, games and source to share them. So not only beginner, but also advanced users can use it. If you already know enought, then help people learning it. 8)

bug report:

  • temp file bug (fixed)

Really slow download, could you move it to another server or zip the files?

And when I ran “list.exe”, it came up with this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "list.pyw", line 26, in ?
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'c://windows/tmp.tmp'

I have no “c:/” drive! I have an “F:/” drive!

And when I ran “siz.exe”, it came up with this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "siz.pyw", line 42, in ?
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'dwd.txt'

Please help!

i am currently making a new faster system, that isent using ftp,(It is faster.) :slight_smile:

Well yeah I can’t change the download speed it’s max of 40kbytes/s (360kb/s) but upload is a way faster like 128 kbytes/s (1024kb/s) But I also use the server for teamspeak channels. But if you people can put some reference downoad times here, I would be glad to see how the speed in general. :-?

But can you help me with this stuff?:

hmm, il work on this, dosent look like a big bug.

I think i fixed it now, just runn the update again then it should work perfect

Thanks! I thought it would take longer. :Þ

There are some English errors on the UI. Example: it says “texture`s”, but it is proper to say just “textures”. And when there is a word that ends with “T” (like ‘chat’) there is supposed to be onle one “T”. Example: “Chat”, not “Chatt”.

Just trying to help!

Thanks R2Blend, my English isent the best, thanks for helping :slight_smile:

Yeah, English is the hardest language to learn I hear. If you need English help, I’ll be here!

Nice work NOR.J !

i can’t contribute with scripts (because i sux) but when i’ll have time i could share some self made seamlesstextures. i’ts a good thing to share ressources