BlenderSplendor - Sketchbook

I’m working on modeling an asset library, so scene creation will be faster.

Stop Sign


Unfinished House Design

very original! keep it up!

Bronze Elephant Sculpture

2.2M Tris
128 samples + OpenImage Denoise
Full global illumination

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That’s one very amusing skate park! Is it your idea?

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Hahaha, well, I didn’t invent the domo character, but I did think up making him into a skateboarding pool. Might be kinda fun to have a skatepark that’s like a theme park or something.

I used the Botaniq add-on for the plants.

Here’s a game enemy asset I’m making in UPBGE. It’s a Facebook mech from an imaginary universe where Facebook tries to take over the world.

So far I’ve got him rigged & he has a walking animation & will follow the player around while shooting homing rockets. I need to work out a few bugs, but it’s going ok overall. I’m also unsure about what the main character should be. I was going to just make it a sphere, but I kind of want something more complex & that makes sense with the story.