BlenderSplendor - Sketchbook

I’m working on modeling an asset library, so scene creation will be faster.

Stop Sign


Unfinished House Design

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very original! keep it up!

Bronze Elephant Sculpture

2.2M Tris
128 samples + OpenImage Denoise
Full global illumination

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That’s one very amusing skate park! Is it your idea?

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Hahaha, well, I didn’t invent the domo character, but I did think up making him into a skateboarding pool. Might be kinda fun to have a skatepark that’s like a theme park or something.

I used the Botaniq add-on for the plants.


Here’s a game enemy asset I’m making in UPBGE. It’s a Facebook mech from an imaginary universe where Facebook tries to take over the world.

So far I’ve got him rigged & he has a walking animation & will follow the player around while shooting homing rockets. I need to work out a few bugs, but it’s going ok overall. I’m also unsure about what the main character should be. I was going to just make it a sphere, but I kind of want something more complex & that makes sense with the story.

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yeah it’s a very good idea… you could sell it!

Skatepark WIP

Gap to Rail & 3 Stair

Bank to Curb, Hips, & Ledge

Eevee realtime viewport animation

that’s a very good idea! Could be a skate park one day if only the dudes would know…