Blenderstorm reborn

I’ve opened Blenderstorm again for feature requests and such. Please see for more info.


sweet, it’s finally back, awesome!! thanks!

This is great. However atm the devs are instructed to not add new features but stabilize existing features, so i would not expect the wishes to become true very quickly :smiley: I have many of them though, allready added one.

cinfrats and thanks jester. but your python api link seems broken, i get a page does not exist error.

Good to see this again :slight_smile:
I can edit other users solutions within my idea, maybe this is possible only while waiting for approval I don’t know.

Hi Nathan, congrats on the new blenderstorm! I don’t know if you saw my post on the blenderstorm beta thread where I had some Drupal layout and theming suggestions for you:

I hope it helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

@rdo3 - thanks for spotting :slight_smile:

@Rhys S - you should be able to edit those indeed, just to ensure all solutions are nicely written etc.

@Shenan - Thanks for the pointers. I didn’t make the layout priority, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get back on line for a much longer time. I’m aware of the problems with the current layout and theme, rest assured I’ll be working on those.

Of course, if someone wants to work on the theme, it’s already possible by cloning the code from its gitorious repository: and send in patches when done. :slight_smile:


yeah this is an awesome idea. Thanks for providing this feature for the blender community! One more addition to make blender a better more productive experience!