When the BlenderStorm website was first launched there was a lot of activity, it seems now that this is no longer the case. I still see feature request popping up but very little feedback.

I have no idea if developers even look at the feature request anymore.

Is the Blenderstorm “hype” dying down or is there some better place where feature request should be posted?

I was seeking for information on that.:slight_smile:

Sort of bumping this thread. I’ve also noticed that BlenderStorm is not working as it should. Or better to say - It’s not working at all. I don’t know, if the whole idea collapsed, or Dev’s doesen’t care anymore. But no official statement has been made…

…And great idea of Blender for Blenderheads went to trash.

If any of BS high-ups, or devs, happen to read this thread, consider declaring if BS is still an option for people, who want to participate in development… Participate in creating Blender that we need, and we like to see.

Ps. As I was searching for this thread via ‘Search’, I didn’t noticed that it is in the wrong category. Could any mod move it?

You probably want to contact jesterking. I haven’t been on Blender irc for a long time, but he used to be available there most evenings. (European evenings, I guess)